Whether you're a start-up or a decades-old company, Hickok Marketing Group knows how to tell your story. How? We get to know you and we listen. Every client's vision and goals are different. And there's no one-size-fits-all approach that will create an enduring brand or campaign. We think you'll be surprised at how fun and easy telling your story can be when you join forces with us. By combining first-rate writing with inspiring design--hand-in-hand with you--we can conceptualize entire branding campaigns, specific marketing topics, or enhance existing themes using traditional display advertising mediums as well as television, radio, Internet and social media.

Full Service Advertising,

PR & Branding


We believe that marketing's job is to sell. Products, Services. Concepts. Images. As creatively and efficiently as knowledge, experience and dedication can do. We believe the only meaningful question is Did it Work? And we believe that that only meaningful measure is our clients' bottom line.


The best marketing understands how a client's moving parts work in unison. It understands that every element of a  brand is important from its graphics to its story to its media presence.

Headed by a senior-level creative marketing team (with solid experience and success in both art design and creative writing, that's equally effective in advertising and public relations) Hickok Marketing Group's proven two-decade-strong track record and long list of satisfied clients makes it a benchmark in the industry.  Known for its result-driven, real-world ideas, inspiring campaigns and turnkey marketing, HMG is the sharp, smart and savvy choice.

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